I'm so glad you've decided to take advantage of an engagement session! This is an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other, learn your style and get comfortable in front of the camera!

Never had professional pictures? Surprisingly I haven't either, not even senior pictures. So if you're someone that hates having your picture taken I can relate. Don't worry about not knowing what to do or being awkward (in fact awkward people usually end up with the cutest pictures). I can offer as much direction on posing as you would like.. The most important thing is that you have fun being together.


There is tons of inspiration for what to wear on pinterest! Search "what to wear for engagement sessions" and you'll get tons of ideas. I also have a board with outfit suggestions. These are colors and textures that will photograph well.
Try to stay away from neons, very bright colors and thin stripes. Those colors and patterns don't translate well

Try to decide if you'd like your session to be formal or causal. This will help determine the location as well. Sessions last about 1 hour so this is enough time for 1 outfit change if you choose to bring one. 

While it's fun to shop for something new to wear to your engagement session, make sure your session isn't the first time to wear your new outfits. Taking your new clothes out for a test drive first will let you get a feel for how well you can move and how the colors look in different lights. You may notice underwear lines, creases or other things you didn't before in the changing room!

An engagement session is also a great time to try out your makeup artist for the wedding day. This will give you an idea of how the makeup will photograph and if there is anything you will want to change for your wedding. Fake lashes are also great for photos ;)

I don't recommend bringing too many props. They can get in the way and can be hard to tote from place to place.
Here are some suggestions:
• Letter of your new last name
• Sign with your wedding date
• Ampersand (also know as &)
• Blanket
• Blanket scarf
• Small banner

Pets are also always welcome, provided the location we choose allows pets. It's always a good idea to bring an extra person to watch your pet(s) or take them home after they are done with their picture. Like kids they only have so many pictures in them before they're finished ;)


Decide if you would like for your session to be dressy or casual, urban or outdoorsy. Once you decide that, we can narrow our choices down.

These are the places I shoot at most often but I am always open to suggestions!

  • Bernheim State Forest*

  • Clark State Forest*

  • Hubers Winery*

  • Deam Lake*

  • Blackacre Farm

  • Brown Park

  • Anchorage Trail

  • Tom Sawyer Park

  • Farmington Historic Home

  • Belvedere/Muhammad Ali Center

Also consider if you have any family that owns property who will let you come for your session. 

*Requires an entrance fee or appointment 

Unfortunately we are rather limited in the area we live with indoor options. I try not to take more than one session a day so if changing the time of your session will help us avoid the rain that is a possibility. If there is no break in the rain we can consider powering through with cute umbrellas or rescheduling. While I'll do my best to accommodate your schedule if we have to reschedule keep in mind that  Saturday afternoons & evenings are usually booked with weddings. Your session may need to take place on a week day or early Saturday morning.

Completed sessions are delivered 1-2 weeks from your session date.
Your gallery will be emailed to you and be active for 14 days. Please place all orders in this time and make your selections for your save the date. Save the dates will be added to your gallery for download after you approve your design.



I'm so excited to get to know you and your fiancé!