Jacki + Clinton Engaged | A fall country inspired engagement session| Elizabeth, IN Engagement Photographer | Photography & Design By Lauren

I recently photographed Jacki and Clinton at Clinton's family's farm. This soon-to-be wedded couple will be getting married on June 6th!  

I asked Jacki how Clinton proposed and she told me their story. "I am a HUGE Christmas fan. I just love everything about it. Clinton loves it too, but I burn him out on it since I am love it so much. We are working on our house that is actually on one of their farms in Elizabeth it is an old farm house. The house was not going to be ready for Christmas 2013, so he decided to let me go ahead and put a tree up in the living room. At the time, the floor was ply wood, an it just looked like an old house getting remodeled. I worked in retail at this time, so we decided to decorate the tree late on the night of December 23. I went to the house after work. We both decided to also bring one present to go ahead and open. I walk into our living room, and there is a card table with a cute Christmas table cloth on it, with candles on it and a homemade dish of spaghetti. Christmas music was also playing, and I thought that was a little weird since he isn't as crazy for Christmas as I am. The candles and the lights on the tree was the only lights on, so it was very romantic. We ate the spaghetti and he opened a bottle of wine and then we put bows and ornaments on the tree. After we were done, we decided to open the presents. He had two sitting under the tree, and I got mad, because I had only brought one. Neither was in the shape of a ring box though. I opened the big present and it was a photo album. He then opened his present and it was a new North Face jacket that he had been wanting. But instead of putting his new jacket on, he puts his old North Face jacket on. So I was like what the heck, I just got you this nice, new jacket and you don't even want to wear it. Of course I did not say that though. After he did that, he went and got the other present which was much smaller than the album. At this point he was standing beside me. I opened the present and it was a Christmas ornament of a snowman, proposing to another snowman. Like the personalized ornaments you can get at the mall. When I looked at the ornament and looked over at him, he was already down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The ring was in his old jacket, and that is why he had to put the old one back on instead of the new jacket. It was the best night of our lives! It was around my favorite holiday, and it was in the place where we will begin our lives together."

Isn't that the sweetest?

Jacki and Clinton will be getting married on the Heritage Grounds in Lanesville, IN.

I know it's going to be a gorgeous wedding!

Future wedding details aside, let's get to the present: the engagement session! These two are real naturals in front of the camera. Their good looks, fabulous outfit choices, a sublime location and their genuine love for each other made this photo shoot a truly enjoyable experience!

Here's to many, many happy years together!