Summer 2013 Compositions

Now that Im finished with my summer class I feel that I can share these. I must say it is a relief to be able to imagine something and feel that you have the tools and the knowhow to create it. This is probably some of my favorite work that I have done and I hope to do more of this style in the future.Big thanks to my cool teacher (Melissa) and all my models for floating in water, enduring scorching heat and weird posing to get these shots(Brooke, Chelsea and Renea) and to Heather of The End Photography for helping me figure out ways to get whats in my head to in front of the camera. You guys rock!

A few of these will be featured in Ivy Tech's Side by Side gallery from October 3rd to November 8th with an Opening Reception October 17th from 5:30-7:30. If you want to see them HUGE as well as some other great work come check it out!

Super cool wings are from Love It