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  • If you don't plan to have hair and makeup photographed make sure to plan at least an extra hour between when photographs are to begin and hair and make up will be finished. This gives you a nice buffer if hair and make up are running behind which happens often.

  • Most hair and make up artists like for the bride to go last. Don't. You don't have to be first but don't be the last person they work on either. If the schedule is running behind pictures can still begin if the bride is ready, especially if you're planning a first look with the groom or father of the bride. It's also nice to give your hair and make up time to set. Does your makeup need a tweak once you see it in a different light? Hair not staying up? If you're not last your hair/makeup artist is still around to help you make any needed changes.

  • Try to keep the room where you will be getting ready neat, We expect for there to be things around but try to keep the room organized and de-cluttered. This makes a world of difference in your pictures!

  • Pick a room with lots of natural light and neutral colors to get ready in.

  • Have your details set aside and ready for me when I get there. This includes your dress, shoes and any jewelry you'd like photographed. We can photograph your rings at this time or we can wait until dinner as well.

  • Have snacks and drinks available for yourself and wedding party. Its easy to forget to eat and end up starving or sick by the time the reception rolls around.


  • If you're concerned about being seen by guests before the ceremony plan to stop photos and freshen up to 45 minutes or so prior to the ceremony. Guests WILL begin to arrive 30 minutes - an hour before the ceremony starts

  • Find out if there are any photography restrictions or rules well before the day if your ceremony. Is flash allowed? Are the photographers allowed in the aisle? Are we required to move to the choir loft? There are ways to work around most of these restrictions but knowing well in advance gives us time to plan!

  • Think about having an UNPLUGGED ceremony. This is where you ask your guests to turn off all electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, cameras) and only focus on the wedding. This will prevent flashes from guest's cameras interfering with our lighting as well. It's also nice to SEE your guests in your pictures rather than the phone or tablet in front of their face as you walk down the aisle.




What are the benefits?

  • If couples portraits are the most important formal pictures of the day to you a first look is the best way to get the most those

  • Since the first look is "first" hair and make-up is still fresh. This is especially great if your wedding is taking place in the summer.

  • If you until after the ceremony for your couples pictures we will typically have a about 15 minutes for them. When planning a first look we plan in 45 minutes - 1 hour for your couples photos

  • After the ceremony the only remaining formal portraits will be family photos.


  • Your wedding day is a day for celebration and fun but ask your wedding party to slow down on the drinks until the reception. Nothing slows down wedding party pictures like trying to arrange large groups of people who are tipsy :)

  • You may need. to give the wedding party a talk about cooperation before the day. Many personalities coming together sometimes creates unexpected situations. Your wedding party is ultimately there to help and celebrate with you. You may just have to remind them of that. :)


  • Fill out the family portrait section of your form by name as well as mom, dad, etc.

  • Make sure everyone you would like in family pictures knows where and when they are supposed to be.

  • Tell everyone to be there 10-15 minutes before they need to be there ;)

  • If possible assign us a helper who knows most of the family and can point us to who we need for photos.


  • Let your DJ know when your photographers will be leaving. This way they can plan to have all your important events finished before we leave.

  • We try our hardest not to block anyone's view but ask your DJ to remind your guests to allow the photographer to be at the front for events.